University Edge

Courtyard and exterior of University Edge apartments.

University Edge apartments are a near-campus residency option for UC students. Located in the center of this community is a sprawling courtyard perfect for studying, hanging with friends, and enjoying the great outdoors. Other amenities included are a 24-hour gym, community room, study areas and more.  The most unique feature, however, is its proximity to the Cincinnati Zoo!  So, if you hear the roar of a lion or the growl of a grizzly on your walk to class, don’t be frightened, just smile, knowing Lucy the Bearcat’s friends are a short walk away.

Living at University Edge

Bedroom in a University Edge apartment. There is a single bed against the exterior wall that has a small window. There is a nightstand with a lamp next to the bed. There is a desk with a shelf against the opposite wall.

University Edge offers three- and four-bedroom apartments. Suites are arranged with three or four people each having an individual bedroom and bathroom. Each room is furnished with a Full size bed for each resident. Each suite includes bathroom facilities, a full size kitchen with dishwasher, and large storage space.

  • All major kitchen appliances
  • Private bathroom connected to each bedroom
  • Leather furniture package
Parking at University Edge is not included in your room and board fees. You may purchase a permit for your community's garage/lot or one of the on-campus garages by the semester through Parking Services.


University Edge Apartments
3250 Jefferson Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45220

Service Desk: 513-540-2535

Floor Plans and Images 

Bed with black and gold linens and photographs on the walls
Desk with decorative lights and pictures
University Edge dorm room with bed and desk next to an open window
University Edge dorm room with decorated walls and posters