Semester Break Timeline & Process

For the transition between semesters, there are always guidelines residents need to review. Please view the below information for everything you need to know about the breaks and transitions between semesters.

Students who are not returning for the Spring 2024 semester must complete their move-out by December 9 at noon. 

Semester Breaks

You have a housing contract for the full academic year. Unless otherwise stated, you will remain in your current housing assignment for the spring semester. If you are not staying in University Housing over winter break, you should complete your departure within 24 hours of completing your last final exam. You should plan to leave for winter break no later than Saturday, Dec. 9 at 12:00 p.m. (noon).

University Housing recommends you do not plan your departure time around the Commencement ceremony occurring the morning of Friday, December 8. 

Meal plan service ends on Friday, December 8 at 4 p.m. Service will resume Sunday, January 7 at 4 p.m

Room Prep

All students should complete the following prior to departing for break:

  • Clean out your fridge
  • Take out your trash
  • Ensure your windows are closed
  • Ensure your lights are off
  • Ensure your door(s) is locked

While residents returning for the spring semester are not mandated to fully vacate their rooms, it's important to note that university staff may need access to your room during the break. To safeguard your belongings, we highly recommend taking all valuables home with you. It is crucial that any items left behind are confined to your designated spaces. Please be aware that University Housing will be making room assignments for new spring residents during the winter break, and all rooms with vacancies should be prepared to welcome a new roommate. Before leaving for the break, ensure that your personal belongings are limited to the furniture assigned to you.

Applying for Break Housing

If you intend to stay at UC over the winter break, please ensure to complete the Spring Intent and Break Housing Form available in the housing portal. For a smooth process, it's recommended to submit your request by Dec. 4 at 12:00 p.m. (noon). Whether you plan to stay for the entire break or any part of it, including staying past Dec. 9 or arriving before Jan. 7, completion of the form is mandatory.

For students not returning to university housing for the Spring 2024 semester, break housing is not available, and it's crucial to complete your move-out from your fall housing assignment by December 9 at 12:00 p.m. (noon).


Students staying in University Housing during Winter Break may be billed at a nightly rate. To see your applicable nightly rate, please check your cohort's page in the Rates section of the site. 

Spring Move-in

Halls open for spring semester on Sunday, January 7. Meal service resumes at 4 p.m. on January 7. Review our list of what to bring to campus. 

Early Arrivals

International residential students or other new residents with extenuating circumstances may request to move in early using the Early Arrival request form in the housing portal. The earliest arrival date for an approved request is January 2.

Early arrival is considered anything prior to January 7. 


The move-in/move-out map shows parking (green structures) in relation to residence communities, as well as unloading areas. More detailed Google maps and coordinates can be found on the Parking website.


Lofting Requests

Advance lofting requests are not taken for spring semester. However, during week 3 of the semester, requests to loft or de-loft beds can be made through the housing portal.

Due to safety considerations, university policy does not permit residents to construct their own bed lofts or bunks for use in the residence hall rooms. Residents are not allowed to loft, bunk or de-loft their own beds.

All beds are set to the Junior Loft Height for initial check in.


There are recycling bins located near each campus residence hall. Please use these bins to dispose of any cardboard boxes and other recyclable materials from move-in.

Maps are available for each on-campus residence hall. If you live in University Edge, USquare, UPA, 101 E. Corry, The Eden, Bellevue Gardens or the Deacon, check with property management for recycling options, or use the campus bin closest to your apartment.