Room Decorating Contest

Show Off Your Room!

Fall 2023 Room Decorating Contest

Watch here and on Instagram @ucmainstreet for details as you shop and plan for your arrival. We want to see rooms and reward those with extraordinary decorating skills...with PRIZES! Be sure to tag @uofcincy and @uofcincy_RED as well as use #UCroomtour when sharing your photos! 

All submissions are eligible to be featured on the University Housing website and in promotional materials!

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2022 Winners

Abby Ryan, Campus Recreation Center Hall

Room decorated with twinkle lights and ivy vines
Bed on right, desk on left with vines hanging on windowed wall behind bed.

Annika Ramirez, Daniels Hall

Bed and linens in tan and brown, with flower tapestry on wall, wicker shelf on wall, and pot with plant hanging from ceiling.

Caiti Smith, Stratford Heights

Room decorated with red, pink and yellow. Rug on the floor and light strips around the ceiling
Wall of bedroom decorated in graphics and esigns in pink, red and yellow wiht light strips.

Emily Weible, Daniels Hall

Two beds with white linens, desks and deocrated with graphics and record albums
Two beds with white linens, and color blankets, decorated with graphics and record albums

Kendall Gerdert, Stratford Heights

Room decorated with white lights and beds with white and pink linens. A female student is reading her phone on the bed to the right

Lily Dappen, Stratford Heights

Bed with orange linens and a shelf above the bed, a blue and orange rug on the floor
Desk with orange and yellow accessories, a soft chair with a patchwork ottoman, and a colorful tapestry on the wall

Sydney Shaw, University Park Apartments

Wbed with white linens and pink accents with framed graphic images on the wall
Desk and wall lit by bright pink light, also reflected in the mirrored closet doors

2021 Winners

Maleah Taylor, University Park Apartments  

Maggie Arway, Stratford Heights

Drake Darmon, Siddall Hall

Lexis Duff, The Eden

Ryann Harris, Daniels Hall

Makena Mobley, Turner Hall suite