Customize Your Room

A double room in an apartment in University Park Apartments. There are two beds and two dressers. With a closet with a mirror on the left. There is a window on the exterior wall.

All communities are fully furnished. Most beds are Twin XL, but some have full beds. Check the community you are assigned to for its bed size. Note: Twin XL beds are 80" long and the size is indicated on packaging when you shop.

While some room features may vary by style or community, all rooms include air conditioning, heat, high-speed Internet access, one micro-fridge unit. Apartment-style rooms include a sink, refrigerator and cooking stove. 

Each community features a laundry room, study lounge, snack vending machines, full fire protection system and 24-hour security.

All communities are alcohol and smoke-free.

Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers Provide Added Safety for Multiple-Occupancy Rooms

Air purifiers have been placed in certain residence hall rooms in which multiple students share a bedroom. These units are highly rated for air exchange in small spaces and efficiently capture airborne particles. The units will augment the normal operations of HVAC systems.

Important Resident Instructions

  • Place purifier where not easily overturned
  • Turn off when no one is in the room
  • Turn on or set timer when one or more residents are in the room