Streaming Video & Cable

Explore the ultimate streaming experience at the University of Cincinnati with College Cable's Channel Lineup featuring 90 digital channels. Elevate your on-campus entertainment with Streeme Live TV, offering Smart DVR and easy setup on various devices within the UC network.

The channel lineup can be found below, online through tvguide.com by selecting University of Cincinnati as your service provider, or download a PDF. The lineup is subject to change.

Channel Lineup 
Channel Number Channel
11994 Antenna
12005 Bounce
12000  CBS
11995  Comet
11999  COURTTV
11997  ESCAPE
12006 Grit
12007  ION
11998  LAFF
11993  MyTV
12001  Stadium
11996 WCPO -HD
12002 WLWT -HD
12003  WLWT -DT
12004 WXIX -DT
2291  A&E
2581 AMC
2311  BET
2841  BIG TEN
2971  BLOOM
2861 BRAVO
2512  CATS
2513  CATS2
2005 CET Art
2003  CETHD
2621  CMT
2421  CNBC
2221  CNN
2004  CrEaTe
2002  CW
2431 E!
2771  ESPN
2251 ESPN N
2781 ESPN2
2645  ESPNU
3001  FOXSPT2
3021 FS1
2891 FUSE
2711  FX
2981  FXM
2821 FXX
3011  GAME SH
2141  HBO
2151  HBO 2
2171  HBO FAM
2161 HBO SIG
2901  HGTV
2231  HLN
2401  LIB - 1
2441  LIB - 2
2211  MEDIA - S
2991 MLB
2721  MSNBC
2331  MTV
2601  MTV 2
2731  NATGEO
2941  NBA TV
2701  NFL NET
2261 NICK
2881  OXYGEN
2321  PAR NET
2411  RAY -WAL
2961  REELZ
2501  SYFY
2006  TBD
2341 TBS
2461  TLC
2651 TNT
2391  TOON
2871  TRAVEL
2611 TRU
2931  TVLAND
2241 TWC
2511 U -CAST
2381  USA
2484 VH - 1
274 1 WE
2361  WGN

Why are some of the channels fuzzy?

Remember that not all channels are available in high definition; channels in standard definition will appear less sharp compared to the high definition channels. There is nothing wrong with the signal or your TV, but you will notice a difference between the high definition and standard definition channels.

In order to receive the cable channels you will need to program the channels on your HD television. Instructions for programming channels can be found in the owner’s manual for your television. Below are a few simple steps to get you started:

  1. Connect cable cord to outlet in wall and into back of television
  2. In the menu of television, go to setup, switch from Air to CATV
  3. Scan for channels: Digital

I don’t receive any channels higher than Ch. 13.

Your TV is not set to cable. Go into the TV menu and switch it from air to cable.

For support, please visit collegecable.com, email support@collegecable.com, or call 800-472-2054.

College Cable

On the traditional coaxial system we offer 90 digital channels including 75 in high-definition through the traditional coaxial connection in each residence hall room. Included in the lineup are a variety of entertainment channels, sports channels, local channels, and other options designed to appeal to a diverse spectrum of interest. You can see the complete lineup on Ch. 2 or by visiting tvguide.com and selection the University of Cincinnati as your provider.

TVs manufactured within the past 5 years have a digital tuner (QAM). Nationwide all on air channels were converted to digital in 2009. If your TV does not have a digital tuner, you will need a converter box. Converter boxes are available for $129.00. Call our office at 800-472-2054


Streeme Live TV, provided by College Cable, brings live television to campus core residents on various devices within the UC network. Integrated into university housing at no extra cost, Streeme offers Smart DVR capabilities for recording up to 20 hours of content, enhancing on-demand viewing for residents.

It's essential to note that Streeme is exclusively designed for on-campus use and is inaccessible off-campus. VPN connections are not supported. This ensures a reliable, dedicated service within the campus network, providing an enhanced entertainment experience for university housing residents.

Streeme allows viewing on one device at a time, per user account. 

Streeme is available to residents of the following communities: 

  • Calhoun Hall
  • Campus Recreation Center (CRC) Hall
  • Dabney Hall
  • Daniels Hall
  • Marian Spencer Hall
  • Morgens Hall
  • Schneider Hall
  • Scioto Hall
  • Siddall Hall
  • Stratford Heights
  • Turner Hall
  • University Park Apartments (UPA)

Setting up Streeme on your Devices

Connect your device to the university network. This is the same process for many devicess that will connect to UC's ResNet (residential computer network). Links to download Streeme app to various devices:

Step 1: 
If your Roku is new and you need to perform an initial setup, instructions can be found at https://support.roku.com 
Your Roku must be connected to campus wifi

Step 2: 
Download the Streeme channel to your Roku device. 
Turn on your Roku and navigate back to the Home screen.
Select the Search option. 
Type "Streeme.TV"

Step 3: 
Select Streeme.TV on the right side. 
Select Add Channel.
Enter your Roku PIN, if set up. 
Select OK. 

Step 4: 
After the Streeme app loads, select "Login via SSO".
Select University of Cincinnati. 
Enter your username and password. 

Step 1: 
Ensure that your Fire TV is fully configured. 
Connect your Fire TV to campus wifi

Step 2: 
Download the Streeme app to your Fire TV device. 
On the home screen, go to Search. 
Type "Streeme.TV"
Select Streeme TV on the right side. 
Select OPEN.

Step 3: 
After the Streeme app loads, select "Login via SSO".
Select University of Cincinnati. 
Enter your username and password.