Housing Requirements Based on Your Proximity

Planning for your first year at the University of Cincinnati, how close your house is to campus plays a key role in your housing choices. Living within a 50-mile radius provides flexibility, allowing you to decide whether you want to experience the lively on-campus environment or stay in the comfort of your own home. However, if your residence falls outside this radius, it means you are required to utilize campus housing.

Choosing where you live shapes your entire college experience. Opting for on-campus living at the University of Cincinnati means committing to a supportive environment that significantly influences your success. From eliminating commutes to immersing yourself in vibrant campus life, the benefits are diverse and enriching. The table below breaks down first-year housing scenarios, detailing requirements based on your proximity to campus. 

First-Year Students Residence Options
Residency Status University Housing At home with parents Private Rentals or Leases
Parents live within 50 miles of campus Yes Yes No
Parents live more than 50 miles from campus Yes No No
You are transferring 30 or fewer credit hours Yes No No
Married No Yes Yes

Students Beyond the 50-Mile Radius

For students living beyond the 50-mile radius, on-campus living is mandatory unless an exemption is applied for and approved. Submit your housing application early to enhance your likelihood of securing preferred accommodation. Benefit from the convenience of eliminating commutes, participating in campus programs and activities, and enjoying meals, study groups, labs, and athletic activities—all conveniently billed to your UC student account.

Requesting an Exemption

If on-campus living isn't your immediate plan, it's crucial to know that first-year housing is mandatory. If you live outside of the 50-mile radius and would like to request an exemption from living on campus, complete the Freshman Exemption Form in the housing application.

Students Within the 50-Mile Radius

If your parents' principal residence is within a 50-mile radius of the Uptown campus, you have the flexibility to choose whether or not to utilize campus housing. While the university encourages the experience of on-campus living, it's not mandatory if you reside within this radius.

Opting Out 

Whether influenced by personal circumstances or a deliberate life choice, individuals within the 50-mile radius who do not plan to use campus housing are not required to submit any housing application; simply refrain from applying for housing.