Bed Lofting Options

Lofting is available free of charge. No side rails or ladders are provided. All beds are set to the Junior Loft Height for initial check in unless the resident requests otherwise. Standard height (bottom of the frame is 12” from the floor)

  • Junior loft height (bottom of the frame is 36” from the floor)
  • High loft height (bottom of the frame is 64” from the floor)
  • Bunked beds (two beds stacked)

If you decide to have your beds bunked, both you and your roommate will need to return the form indicating that the beds are to be bunked. We are unable to bunk beds if only one roommate returns the form.

A student of five foot seven height standing next to a standard bed. The bed stands almost as tall as the short three drawer dresser and the student's upper leg.

Standard Height

A five foot seven student standing next to a high-loft bed. The bed stands above the student's head.

High Height

A five foot seven student standing next to a junior loft bed. The bed stands almost as tall as the student's waist.

Junior Height

A bunk bed. Two beds are stacked upon one another.

Bunk Beds

Availability by Community

Space configurations in some rooms require beds to be bunked, high lofted or junior lofted.

  • The default bed settings in Calhoun, Dabney, and Daniels are lofted/bunked due to space configurations. 
  • All Daniels triple rooms are set up as two bunked beds and one junior loft. 
  • Calhoun beds are unable to be set at standard height due to space.

Lofting and bunking is available in the following communities:

  • Bellevue Gardens
  • Campus Recreation Center (CRC)
  • Marian Spencer
  • Morgens
  • Schneider
  • Scioto
  • Siddall
  • Stratford Heights Buildings 2-6, 8-11, 13-15, and 18-21
  • Turner

Lofting and bunking is unavailable in the following halls:

  • 101 East Corry
  • CP Cincy
  • Jefferson House
  • Stratford Heights Buildings 1, 7, 12, and 17
  • The Deacon
  • The Eden
  • University Edge
  • University Park Apartments (UPA)
  • U Square

How to Request Lofting

The lofting request form is open. To access the request form, log into the housing portal and submit your request at the "Lofting" step of the application. Not all beds are eligible for lofting. See space configuration and lofting/bunking availability below.

Students who do not submit a request while the form is open and would like to request their bed to be lofted may request lofting during move-in. Lofting requests made at move-in will be completed the first and second weeks of classes. 

Loft comparison left to right: standard, junior, bunk, high loft

Due to safety considerations, university policy does not permit residents to construct their own bed lofts or bunks for use in the residence hall rooms. Residents are not allowed to loft, bunk or de-loft their own beds. Attempting to loft your bed without the proper equipment and parts may place you at risk of severe injury.