Room & Roommate Assignment

University Housing makes first-year room assignments starting in June and continuing through the summer. Students joining Living Learning Communities can expect to receive their housing assignments by the end of June. All other incoming students can expect to begin receiving housing assignments the week of July 15. Assignments are made based on the week the housing application is completed.

Ensure a smooth process for receiving your room assignment in university housing by completing these essential steps after submitting your housing application:

  1. Submit Your Housing Application by May 3: Ensure your eligibility for a room assignment by submitting your housing application before the May 3 deadline.

  2. Attend Bearcats Bound Orientation (BBO): Attend Bearcats Bound Orientation by July 12 to facilitate room assignments starting the week of July 15. Even if assigned to a Living Learning Community (LLC), attendance is mandatory for all students. 

  3. Register for at Least 3 Credit Hours by August 1: Finalize your registration for a minimum of 3 credit hours by August 1 to avoid potential cancellation of your room assignment and/or application. It's a crucial step to secure your place in the vibrant UC community. 

Understanding the Roommate Process

Roommate requests are honored whenever possible. Roommates must each request the other person on their Housing Agreement. Each roommate's name and student ID number must be indicated on the Agreement.

Requests that are not mutual cannot be honored.

The sooner your application and your roommate(s)' applications are received, the better your chances of rooming together. Please remember it is not always possible to hold a space for a requested roommate whose application has not been received.

Roommate Assignment Timeline

The first large assignment mailing for fall term will be sent to your UC email account. Check our calendar for the general timeline. Thereafter, assignment letters are mailed out as soon as assignments are made.

If your room is assigned before your roommate(s) is/are assigned, you will receive a second email notice when your roommate assignment is made. You will also receive an email should any other change become necessary.

After June 30th, if you think you should have received an assignment letter but haven't, please call the Univerity Housing office at 513-556-6461 or email us at UChousing@uc.edu.

Changing Roommates

First, it’s important to note that most roommate relationships are successful (even if the immediate reaction to one another is anxiety). Going into the situation with an open mind and an optimistic attitude can make a big difference. Find more information about how we support building positive roommate relationships.