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University Housing Staff

Housing Operations: Contact for housing assignments, room and board related charges, and the housing application process.

Resident Education & Development: Contact for support and guidance related to the residential experience; what to expect living on campus, needs while living in our residence halls, or questions and advice.

Wi-Fi and other connectivity problems (except Streeme)

  • IT@UC HelpDesk 513-556-4357

Room or Common Area Repairs to University Property

  • Please visit our Resources page for information on how you can submit a work order. 

University Housing Offices

Housing & Food Services
Contact for room and board related charges, housing application process, meal plans
Housing: uchousing@uc.edu
Food: ucfood@uc.edu

  • Our phone system allows for a callback request if you do not want to wait.
  • We appreciate your patience while we work diligently to respond to inquiries during this busy time. If you have left a callback request on our phone system, be assured you will remain in the queue until we have contacted you.
  • If you send an email during a high volume time, you can expect a response within 48 hours

Graduate & Family Housing
Contact for leasing information for the monthly rentals complexes as well as resources for securing off-campus housing

Resident Education & Development
Contact Resident Education & Development for support and guidance related to the residential experience. This can include conversations about what to expect living on campus, needs while living in our residence halls, or questions and advice on handling 'real life situations' as they arise. Our goal is to be a partner in students' educational journey through an intentional, educational and vibrant residential experience!

Our Resident Education and Development team is responsible for providing leadership in the development of a positive community within the residence communities. Most of our staff lives in the residences along with the students. We are available to meet or talk with you, and someone from our team is available 24 hours a day to provide emergency assistance, if needed.

Parent & Family Programs
Contact for students’ parents and family members seeking support and guidance in navigating the university



Resident Education & Development and Housing & Food Services central offices are located in Marian Spencer Hall, the high-rise connected to Scioto Hall. To reach the offices, visitors will enter the south lobby off University Ave. Circle and take the elevator up one level.