Student Housing Options

In our residential communities, Bearcats create lasting memories, exchange ideas, and experience personal growth within a welcoming and supportive environment.

Discover an array of enticing housing options tailored for first-year Bearcats, graduate, transfer, or current students. Dive into valuable tips on this page to make informed decisions and secure the perfect housing that aligns with your needs, guaranteeing a fulfilling and comfortable living experience throughout your time at the University of Cincinnati. 

Living on Campus

Living on campus at the University of Cincinnati offers a multitude of advantages, proven to enhance your success. Our commitment is to assist you in finding the housing option tailored to your needs.

Our campus housing is crafted to suit the needs of both first-year and upper-class students. It is mandatory for all unmarried, full-time students residing outside a 50-mile radius of the university, unless exempted or if space is unavailable, to choose on-campus living. The benefits of residing on campus include:

  • Convenient Location: Close proximity to classes for easy access.
  • Assigned Resident Advisors: Each floor is supported by resident advisors to assist with the college transition and roommate dynamics.
  • Professional Staff Presence: Full-time professional staff members are available in each housing complex.
  • Lasting Friendships: Opportunities abound for forming lasting friendships and creating lifelong memories.
  • Get Involved: Active participation in various student life activities.

Embark on the exciting journey of residing in University housing, a venture that is not only enjoyable but also immensely fulfilling. Kickstart your journey by reviewing our apply page and then submitting your application via the housing portal. Your university living experience awaits!

New Students

Discover the array of housing communities available for students in the upcoming academic year (2024-25). Dive deeper into the specifics of our Learning Communities to discover personalized living arrangements crafted to cater to your academic, cultural, or lifestyle interests.

First Year Student Communities

First-year and new students will be allocated their building, room, and bed space in one of the following communities. Please note that housing availability is subject to change based on demand, and students might be placed in alternative accommodations if necessary:

  • Calhoun Hall
  • Campus Recreation Center Hall
  • Dabney Hall
  • Daniels Hall
  • Marian Spencer Hall
  • Morgens Hall
  • Schneider Hall
  • Scioto Hall
  • Siddall
  • Stratford Heights
  • The Deacon
  • Turner Hall
  • U Square Apartments
  • University Park Apartments 

Returning Residents

Ensuring an uninterrupted living experience, current residents of University Housing looking to extend their stay for the 2024-25 academic year can engage in the renewal application process.

Interested students should complete the Intent to Renew Form in the housing portal from Jan. 29 to Feb. 5. It's crucial to acknowledge that returning resident housing has limited availability, prompting students to plan and research all options accordingly. Those not selected for renewal will be automatically placed on a waitlist. 

For a thorough understanding of the renewal process and to delve deeper into the personalized living arrangements crafted specifically for you, visit the Contract Renewal page.

We eagerly anticipate the possibility of welcoming you back!

Upperclass Student Communities

Current residents aiming to continue their university housing experience can choose from the following communities:

  • 101 East Corry
  • Bellevue Gardens
  • CP Cincy
  • The Eden
  • Jefferson House
  • University Edge

Private Rentals & Leases

Considering off-campus housing? We understand the importance of choice. Explore the flexibility and freedom that off-campus living can offer while still being connected to the university community. We're here to guide you through understanding off-campus housing options with the following tips

Graduate Students

​​Are you a graduate student looking for the perfect housing solution? Discover our tailored options to meet the unique needs of graduate students living at The University of Cincinnati. Whether you're in search of a serene study environment or a lively community, we've got you covered. Choose from a variety of apartment communities offering studio, one, two, and three-bedroom living spaces and discover your ideal space in the heart of it all.