Video & Web Conferencing Tools


Echo360 is available within Canvas. If an instructor has enabled Echo360, use the Echo360 link in the left-hand navigation.  If an instructor uses Echo360, students can interact with the instructor’s video content in many ways.  For instance, students can flag confusing content, answer questions, and take notes on an Echo360 video. 


Kaltura is available within Canvas. If an instructor has enabled Kaltura in Canvas, use the My Media link in the left-hand navigation. Or access UC's Kaltura MediaSpace site.  Kaltura is UC's media storage and media creation tool. Students can also create media using the screen capture software called Kaltura Capture.

LinkedIn Learning

Log in LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning is an online educational resource for UC students that helps you discover and develop business, technology, and creative skills through expert-led course videos.

Microsoft Teams

Access the Microsoft Teams web app from the app launcher (waffle menu) at Microsoft Teams allows you to chat, call (video and audio), share your screen, and collaborate on files. 


Activate your UC Zoom account. After activation you can log in UC's instance of Zoom. Zoom is the web conferencing tool for teaching and learning. Instructors may hold class meetings or office hours in Zoom. Students can also host meetings in Zoom.

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