Education & Awareness

The University of Cincinnati believes that a strong awareness of information security issues is essential to all students, faculty, and staff. The UC Office of Information Security (OIS) is constantly researching trends and issues, as well as adding relevant information to this web page.

If you have any questions or require assistance, contact OIS at

OIS periodically offers training courses in various areas and will publicize them to the target community as they are scheduled. We've also put together security tips below to help you protect your data. 

Policies, Procedures, Standards & Guidelines

Information Security policies are formal statements that specify a set of rules that all users must follow when gaining access to UC’s information and information systems. 

Report an Incident

Report all threats to persons or property immediately by calling the UC Police Department at (513) 556-1111 or during an emergency dial 911.

The security incident team handles complaints of abuse or misuse of university computing resources and complaints of abuse of non-university resources by members of the university community.

To report Information Security incidents or concerns please contact:

Please be sure to include as much information about the complaint as possible including but not limited to: dates, times, attacking and attacked IP address, email internet header information and audit/security logs on the incident.

Please report concerns of copyright infringement or other abuse of intellectual property per instructions on the UC Copyright Infringement Information page.

Report Phishing

At first glance, you may ignore or delete suspicious emails, but it is recommended that you report any email that looks out of the ordinary to the Office of Information Security (OIS). OIS will examine the email and, if necessary, advise you to proceed with any further steps that may need to be taken.

To report a phishing attempt, forward the phishing email to

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