University Logos & Marks

Our logo stands as a powerful embodiment of the University of Cincinnati's identity. It unites the iconic UC symbol and the words "University of Cincinnati" in a seamless fusion, symbolizing our unity and shared purpose. Notably, the logo is thoughtfully designed to accentuate "Cincinnati," underscoring our deep-rooted pride and strong connection to this vibrant city. This intentional emphasis echoes our commitment to fostering a sense of place and belonging within both our university community and the broader Cincinnati region. As an emblem, our logo encapsulates our rich heritage, cutting-edge education, and unwavering dedication to shaping a brighter future.

Primary Logo

Our logo includes both the UC symbol and the words “University of Cincinnati” locked together, with a priority placed on “Cincinnati” to convey pride and a sense of place. 

University of Cincinnati logo on red field

Required Safe Space

UC logo showing appropriate safe space illustrations


The monogram is an interlocking U and C symbol that is part of the UC logo and lockup designs. It provides a robust range of layering and depth, however, it is not approved to be used on its own. 

While the U and C symbol may be very familiar to the UC community, it does not have equity established with external audiences. Therefore, it is important to use the UC logo or digital logo with the words “University of Cincinnati” for clarity. 

The Monogram Collection: Kit of Parts

UC's interlocking "U" and "C" Monogram

Shapes deconstructed from the monogram become layering elements to express multidimensionality. Using the collection allows for a greater level of expression and helps convey the active and dynamic nature of the university.

Examples of UC's "Kit of Parts" designs

Examples of UC's "Kit of Parts" designs

Digital Logo


The all-white, digital version of the UC logo on a red, black, or white gradient field is the only logo permitted on UC's website, and cannot be used outside of the domain.

Digital Logo Guidelines

  • The digital logo is included at the top of each page. 
  • No other UC logo should appear on
  • On a scroll, the “Cincinnati” text will be removed, leaving the UC symbol in the top left corner, to the left of the College or Department name.

Registered Student Organization Use

Registered student organizations (RSOs) are permitted to create a logo for their student organization or student event. 

RSOs may utilize the University of Cincinnati brand assets. University brand is defined as the university’s name, trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, seals, symbols, mascots, images, and slogans associated with or referring to the University of Cincinnati.  If you elect to use UC’s brand, you must: 

  • Comply with all UC Branding Guidelines and rule 3361:10-17-01 of the Administrative Code
  • Include the words “student,” “students,” Club, or the descriptor “at the University of Cincinnati” in some way (i.e. College Democrats/Republicans at the University of Cincinnati, Bearcats Students for Israel, Ice Hockey Club). 
  • Include the full, registered name of your RSO—acronyms and other abbreviations are not permitted.
  • Include the disclaimer on any social media, website, printed or digital material if the website or material uses any university logos and is not otherwise sponsored by the university.  
  • The disclaimer shall state the following: 
    • [Enter your official name] is registered at the University of Cincinnati. 
    • Registration shall not be construed as the University of Cincinnati’s approval, endorsement, or sponsorship of the student organization’s publications, activities, purposes, actions, or positions.

RSOs that elect to not use UC’s brand should:

  • Include the words “student,” “students,” Club in some way (i.e. Ice Hockey Club, Board Game Club, Students for the Exploration and Development of Space)
  • Include the full, registered name of your RSO—acronyms and other abbreviations are not permitted. 

If your organization is interested in using the University name, brand, and logos, it is required that your organization’s primary contact submit the necessary forms on GetInvolvedUC.  These forms include: 

Organizations that do not complete these forms are not permitted to use the University name, brand, or logos. Registered student organizations who improperly use the University name, brand, or logos, including use without approval, use without a proper disclaimer, use not in compliance with University authority, and use to indicate the University’s approval, endorsement, or sponsorship of any of the registered student organization’s publications, activities, purposes, actions, or positions that are not sanctioned by the University, will be processed pursuant to the Student Code of Conduct, University Rule 40-05-05.